How to access telegram via tdata

How to access telegram via tdata
  1. To be able to authorise in Telegram via the tdata folder, you need to download Telegram Portable from the official Telegram website. Or and...
  2. Or use our stable build, which you can download by clicking here: Telegram Portable.
  3. The first thing to do is to unpack the archive, for example, on the desktop, inside the folder will be a folder tdata. Move it to the folder with portable Telegram and then replace it.
  4. Before you start, there should be three files in the Telegram Portable folder: tdata, modules and Telegram. exe.
  5. After all operations launch Telegram, if everything was done correctly, you will enter your profile. Now you are registered in a new account.

More details on how to access telegram via tdata can be seen in the video!

Where to get 2FA?

The 2FA two-factor authentication code for tdata formats can be found in a text document in the file folder. In the case of session+json accounts, it can be found in the json file named twoFA.