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Warranty and Returns

Here you will find detailed information about our warranty and return policy.


Before buying a bulk batch, we strongly recommend and ask you to buy a small batch of 5 or 50 accounts so that you can test the accounts with your software and proxies. In this way, we are not responsible for cases when a buyer buys a large number of accounts and finds out that all or some part of the accounts do not work.

We don't give advice on "Why my accounts in software don't work". We are a store. We are not going to spend time investigating the reasons for your non-working self-written software. 

Take the accounts for a test and check the performance! And only after that buy bulk quantities. It's very simple!

Warranty applies:

Only if the buyer has provided video proof recorded:

  1. From the time of purchase (going from the payment page back to the website - to the download page - it's important to capture the first download) to the time the account is enabled (the first time accounts are enabled.
  2. The video should be recorded with a full screen capture area so that all open tabs are visible.

The warranty is only valid for the first 30 min after the buyer has made payment.

The warranty is only valid if after checking the video and all the purchase details of the accounts provided by the buyer, the seller has fixed the fact of defective accounts. 

There is no warranty:

In the event that the banning of accounts is the fault of the Telegram site itself. The TG Reload team checks absolutely all accounts before uploading them to the site. However, once a season there are random bans by Telegram messenger. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. 

The buyer automatically agrees to the above risk before purchasing and assumes responsibility for the possible ban.