The most common questions from our customers.

What is Session+Json?

This format is for SOFT operation only!

When you sign in to your Telegram account on a new device, a new session appears. You can see a list of all sessions in the settings. Although Telegram calls them sessions, it's the same thing. You can have multiple active sessions on one account, each tied to a specific Telegram app. The format of a session is session + json. The .session file should not be confused with the account - only the session is stored in it. If the file stops working, it doesn't mean your account is locked. Someone may have reset your session or it may have simply expired. The .json file stores additional connection data. You don't have to use them, but if you don't use them, your account may be locked out as soon as you connect.

In 90% cases they are used for spamming/messaging/invites and other activities. For an ordinary user they are not of interest and cannot be useful. Session files have a .JSON extension, which is a special format just for storing session data.

What is TDATA?

TDATA is an archive (folder) that contains system files from the user's account. They can only be opened using the portable version of Telegram, which can be downloaded from the official Telegram website. You can learn how to do it correctly in our article: here.

Is it possible to convert Session+Json to TDATA?

Yes, with software. 

Is it possible to convert TDATA to Session+Json?

Yes, with software.