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Detailed instruction with rules how to buy telegram accounts, (telegram) in session json format or in tdata.


Before buying a bulk batch, we strongly recommend and ask you to buy a small batch of 5 or 50 accounts so that you can test the accounts with your software and proxies. In this way, we are not responsible for cases when a buyer buys a large number of accounts and finds out that all or some part of the accounts do not work.

We don't give advice on "Why my accounts in software don't work". We are a shop. We are not going to spend time investigating the reasons for your non-working self-written software. 

Take the accounts for a test and check the performance! And only after that buy bulk quantities. It's very simple!

How to buy accounts

Site Rules

1. Go to the shop page, select your country, account format and quantity, then add the item to your basket and click checkout.

Site Rules

2. The next step is to fill in all the fields with your contact details, choose a payment system, confirm the goods and pay for the order.

Site Rules

3. After payment you will be able to download the purchased accounts in text format, also you will receive a link to the product to your email.


WARNING! Account verification guarantee - 30 min.

WARNING! The warranty is only valid if the buyer has provided video proof recorded:

  1. Full screen.
  2. From the moment you buy it, that is, to the screen where you can already download accounts.

For full warranty and returns information please read here.